A Guide to Crafting Memorable Fantasy Novel Protagonists: Creating Unforgettable Characters

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As a fantasy novelist, one of the most important elements of your story is the novel protagonists who inhabit it. They are the ones who drive the plot, create conflict, and evoke emotion. The right characters can make your fantasy novel unforgettable, while the wrong ones can be forgettable and boring.

So, how do you create unforgettable characters for your fantasy novel?

Creating Novel Protagonists

Give your characters unique, relatable motivations

Your characters should have motivations that are unique to them and drive their actions. These motivations should also be relatable to your readers, so they can understand and connect with your characters on a deeper level. For example, a character may want to reclaim their family’s lost honor, or to find a way to cure a loved one’s illness.

Make your characters complex

Your characters should have both strengths and weaknesses, and their motivations should sometimes be in conflict with one another. A character who is driven by a desire for power, for example, may also have a strong sense of compassion that causes them to struggle with their choices. This complexity will make your characters more interesting and relatable to readers.

Give your characters distinct personalities and quirks

Each of your characters should have their own distinct personality and quirks that make them stand out. For example, one character may have a love of practical jokes, while another is a fierce warrior who takes their duties seriously. These quirks can also help to define your characters and make them more memorable to readers.

Make your characters multi-dimensional

In addition to having unique motivations, personalities, and quirks, your characters should also be multi-dimensional. This means that they should have different sides to their personalities that are revealed in different situations. For example, a character who is typically confident and charismatic may become insecure and hesitant when faced with a difficult challenge.

Build your characters’ backgrounds and histories

Your characters should have backgrounds and histories that have shaped who they are and inform their motivations, personalities, and quirks. This could include their family, childhood experiences, and cultural background. This history can also help to create a deeper sense of realism in your world and make your characters more believable.

Let your characters evolve and grow

As your story progresses, your characters should change and evolve, growing and maturing as they face challenges and overcome obstacles. This growth and development will not only make your characters more relatable and interesting, but it will also keep your readers engaged and invested in your story.

Show, don’t tell

When it comes to revealing information about your characters, it’s always better to show rather than tell. Instead of simply telling readers that a character is brave, for example, you can show them making a daring and selfless choice. This will help to bring your characters to life and make them more memorable to readers.

Creating unforgettable characters for your fantasy novel is an important part of the writing process. By giving your characters unique motivations, making them complex, giving them distinct personalities and quirks, building their backgrounds and histories, letting them evolve and grow, and showing, not telling, you can craft characters that are memorable, relatable, and engaging.

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